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Christina for WEB NEWLife 101:
This is the course I took for the first half of my life. Childhood was chaotic and painful and the messages I received left me bound by negative and limiting beliefs, which created the chaotic life that ensued. Because of my curiosity and always present gift of looking within and listening to the questions that came to me, I have been on a quest to find the truth with a capitol T. That quest included finding out what Love was and where to find it, not realizing that it is our true essence, underneath our outer physical being, social facades, etc. It is within us and we are here to be it and to express it! The other truth that stood out for me was our ability to have CHOICE about the thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world and in turn, about our sense of worthiness of having a full, abundant, excellent life in all areas and that WE are the creators of change. As children of a loving God, we DESERVE all the goodness we can have as we allow it in.

Through continuous self-study, then studies and graduation at one of the largest New Thought Institutes in the United States, I was guided to share what I learned with the world as a spiritual teacher/counselor, then as a Certified Laughter Leader through the World Laughter Tour (yes, there is such a thing) and by the power of the written word being published in Arielle Ford’s Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover, Cindy Cline’s Always Hope, various local metaphysical publications and now through my first book, You Deserve It, A True Story of Learning to Say No in Order to Say Yes to Big Love.

When I am not writing, I am teaching classes and workshops on various subjects that are covered in my book and staying open to what the Spirit that moves through each of us would like me to do next.





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