Welcome!  Spirit has guided you here! There’s something within you, within us all—call it intuition, Holy Spirit, divine guidance, whatever word you may want to use—that calls us up to a higher place in awareness of what life is all about.  It’s about love, service to others, life experiencing itself through each of us and it’s about living a life of choice, prosperity, peace, joy and great love.  As human beings having a spiritual experience, we are here to learn the truth—that we all deserve to have happy, fulfilling lives and that includes a Big Love, a love that consists of respect, trust, friendship and passion. With love, Marisa

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Learning to say no, to say yes to Big Love!

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"Real love is a conscious journey. The journey of conscious love requires being vulnerable. I believe Marisa's vulnerable telling of her story, her unfolding journey to becoming more consciously aware and more relationally responsible, will touch the lives of many women for whom similar stories resonate. Marisa's big heart and big faith in us all shine brightly throughout her pages. I know this telling of her story comes from Marisa's passionate and genuine desire to help - her enthusiasm jumps off the page! She believes in and wants every reader to claim our birthright, our deserved-ness to full life and fulfilling love. The spiritual lessons Marisa shares with us, along her journey to Big Love, are inspiring and a return home. I'm sure Marisa's book will be helpful for many women and many lives looking for love."
Laura Jean Bell, MA, LPC, LMFT Couple Therapist and Certified Imago Relationship Therapist Getting The Love You Want and Keeping The Love You Find Workshops http://www.laurajeanbell.com/

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